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Rustique Essentials- living naturally and providing natural, chemical and preservative free products at an affordable price!

Facial Care

Body Care

All natural body care that is hand made fresh when order is placed. Enjoy!

Facial Care


Facial Care

from 6.50

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**Acne kit does NOT include a moisturizer- you must choose skin type and purchase that separate :)

Reverse your thinking in facial care! This line has NO salacilic acid, benzol peroxide, or any other harsh drying agents, preservatives, emuslifyers, stabilizers, or toxic chemicals.

Instead of stripping your face of it’s natural oils (which put your sebum production into over drive which attracts dirt and bacteria that cause break outs) this line actually gives your face the oil that it is needing- the good oil of coarse :)

With this line you wash your face with gentle castile soap, then tone with an essential oil toner (created to calm skin, tighten pores, and kill bacteria), and lastly follow up with an sebum balancing oil based moisturizer your skin will be balanced so you shouldn’t over produce sebum.

This line was a life changer for me! I have battled chronic acne since I was a pre-teen. I have had countless rounds of micro-dermabrasion, two rounds of facial laser surgery, took Acutane, constantly took antibiotics, used prescription creams and spot treatments, saw three dermatologists, used every face wash/astringent/cream ever created by man, and all were for nothing! Nothing worked! Until I started experimenting with natural facial care and found this blend. I do not have any more cystic acne! Finally! Do like I did and reverse your thinking in acne care! If you are scared to try it- just please, at least try the moisturizer. That was my key to clear skin!

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