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Rustique Essentials- living naturally and providing natural, chemical and preservative free products at an affordable price!

DIY Natural Product Packages

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Making your own natural products is easier than you think!

Sometimes you just need a platform to step off of. These kits provide that platform and allow you to grow as an all natural product maker. You can reduce your carbon footprint by reusing your containers (if you wish to), save money by cutting out the manufacturer, and it is just a fun activity to do with the kids or for parties.

These kits also serve as great low cost diy gift packages for bridal showers, baby showers, work parties, birthday, or Christmas gifts!

Roller Bottle Kit

Roller Bottle Kit

from 4.00

These roller bottles are a super convenient way to carry your oils! Blend your oils as desired, drop about ten drops of oil in the bottle, and top off with fractioned coconut oil. Easy as pie! OH, and did I mention you can refill them? Yes! It is awesome! One time buy, unlimited use!

Kit includes: two roller bottles (comes with three pieces- the bottle, roller snap in, and screw on lid), one ounce fractioned coconut oil, and a randomly selected sample essential oil.

**PLEASE- if you are using your roller bottle to help boost body wellness please get a medical/therapeutic grade essential oil from a well known company. To purchase doTerra essential oils (our recommended company) visit:

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