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Rustique Essentials- living naturally and providing natural, chemical and preservative free products at an affordable price!

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About us


It all started the day that...

I found myself standing in the hospital, gazing upon our premature twin boys moments before one was critically transferred to the top children's hospital in our state.  One was struggling to breathe and the other struggling with digestion.  We did everything we were instructed to do, and there we were, watching one baby being prepped to be loaded into an ambulance. Unknowingly to me, this is the day the Rustique Essentials seed was planted.

Flash forward two months later to find both babies home safe and breathing on their own.  In the next few weeks I learned more than I ever dreamed that I would (and I'm not talking about life with a newborn- we had experienced a newborn already). I didn't realize how things like laundry detergent and baby shampoo could be harmful until I found that my baby's skin was so sensitive that anything with harsh chemicals would break him out. This is when the values instilled in the heart of Rustique Essentials were created and the idea was born that life could be better by going back to making natural products just like great-grandma used to. After countless hours of research to find ways to help my sons I compiled mounds of research which unearthed crazy facts that left me needing to make a drastic change for the safety of my children.

So after realizing the safe place we provided for our kids wasn't so safe, we decided to make a change.  To start, we began growing and preserving as much of our own food as we could.  We tried to toss out every chemical product and go all natural, but my goodness, it was going to cost hundreds of dollars that we just didn't have, so, we switched out the chemical cleaners for vinegar (stinky but effective).  For laundry detergent we found soap nuts- the cheapest option for going green.  We began making old fashioned lard and lye soap and used the bar of homemade soap to make dish soap.  The platform for Rustique Essentials was growing.  

Two years of natural living later our quality of life was amazingly better! Our daughter's hyper behavior calmed, our boys went from below average on the growth index to well above, the skin issues were corrected, the breathing issues had ceased, and everything was great except for the digestion issues of one of the twins.  We had been through three pediatricians and a gastrointestinal specialist which finally said the next step is running a camera down my son's throat to  get a better idea of what was going on inside since the specialty diet, daily pills, and daily laxatives weren't working as they should be.  

I was venting to a neighbor one day and she asked if we had tried the natural way with any essential oils .  I told her no, but we had tried the active cultures with no results.  My biggest fear was that he turn down sleepovers when he is eleven because he would have to take his "poop medicine", how embarrassing for a kid. She gave me some DigestZenn essential oil by DoTerra and instructed me how to use it.  I was skeptical.  Numerous doctors and two years of tests/medicines couldn't help us, how could a little bottle of oil?  I WAS WRONG.  AFTER THE FIRST USE WE SAW RESULTS.  For the first time in over two years my son was able to eat and pass food like a normal kid! I couldn't believe it.  Rubbing diluted plant oil on his tummy once a day turned our lives around.  

When I found the potential of essential oils I dove in head first.   I had made peppermint teas for congestion and used plantain for bee stings before but this was a whole new level! I again compiled mounds of research on salves, balms, and ointments.  I spent months learning the difference between herbal infusions, dilutions, blends, and tinctures, as well as learning the difference between essential oil, carrier oils, and fragrance oils.  I learned about what people try to pass as all natural and what truly is all natural.   I learned how your body works and why natural products work better (because the body can't process synthetics like it can natural substances.  Natural products use the same building blocks as your body.  Your body recognizes the structure of the natural products and can actually break them down and use them as intended ;) FYI)  

Word spread to my family, friends, co-workers, and the kid's teachers about me being able to provide options for affordable natural living.  Through out the next few years  I began making natural blends for eczema, acne, sleeplessness, stress, headaches, cleaning, and pretty well everything else people came to me with.  It wasn't until a  friend suggested in that I make my products available to everyone that Rustique Essentials was actually born as a legitimate business.  We have made natural alternatives for many of the products available for purchase at chain stores and the natural product list grows and is being further developed every day.

We also go beyond just being a provider of natural products.  We fill our blog with many affordable diy options for natural living as well as sharing our knowledge on oils and herbs.  Unlike most businesses, money is not what drives us, it is being able to share the natural information we acquired over the years for all of those who are standing in the shoes we stood in so many years ago.