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Are you addicted to chapstick? This is why!


Are you addicted to chapstick? This is why!

ayla whitehead

Yes there is such a thing!  I was a chapstick addict for years.  Constantly applying it and having chapstick in my purse, pocket, desk, car, by the bed, and anywhere else I could stash it just in case I forgot to bring it with me.  I would literally rather experience leaving my cell phone at home rather than leaving my chapstick! I thought I was just prone to extremely dry lips and needed it...but I was WRONG! 

I accidentally figured out the "cure" when I started making my own chapstick.  I did a little product development and started experimenting with different chapstick recipes to find the best three.  First I bagged up all of my store bought chapstick so I wouldn't use them, then I used this chapstick for a week, then this other one for a week, and then I did it- I accidentally forgot my chapstick!  I was PANICKING on the way to work.  My back-up stashes had been bagged up and were at home!  AGHHHH!   I told myself that during my lunch break I'd run to a store and grab another big deal right?  I could go four hours with out it...right?  RIGHT! I actually got really busy right before lunch and never got to go to the store  for a new tube.  I was on my way home before I even thought about needing chapstick- a whole NINE hours after applying chapstick last.  I was blown away.  Why did I not need it anymore after using all natural chapstick for two weeks?  I researched it :)

Turns out, big companies include drying agents such as fragrance, camphor, menthol, or salicylic acid in their lip products so that there is a higher demand for their products.  They also include heavy ingredients that do not allow the lips to breathe such as petroleum.  Once your lips become dependent on the petroleum barrier they begin to rely on it making it feel completely over dry and irritated once the barrier has worn off.   The more you apply, the faster your tube run out, the more often you purchase their product.  Supply and demand my friend.  Once you get in the routine of constantly applying it becomes a habit- so they have you hooked now.  Just like lighting a cigarette when you are in the car, or needing coffee in the morning.  The constant chapstick applying becomes part of your routine that is hard to break.

Good news is easier to break than you think.  Natural chapsticks and lip balms do not contain fragrances, preservatives, or any harsh ingredients that cause drying.  The are formulated with plant butters and oils which create a natural barrier that your body can identify with and actually use.  For an extra kick, some of them are blended with beeswax to help form a natural barrier.  By simply switching to a natural chapstick or lip balm you are gradually weaning your skin off of the drying agents so they can begin to hold in hydration on their own.  By removing the suffocating petroleum barrier and replacing it with a breathable barrier you are allowing the skin to actually function as it was intended to do and begin the healing process. 

Trust me, I still feel like I need to use chapstick.  But I only need apply two times per day tops- every night before bed (its a mental thing...I also have to apply lotion or I can't sleep- crazy I know) and once around lunch time.  That is it.  I never thought I would live to see the day I didn't panic if I didn't have my chapstick.  Hey, a change this easy is worth trying for sure!